Jeff Jarvis: “The future of journalism is entrepreneurial”

This is an interview with Jeff Jarvis who teaches entrepreneurial journalism at City University of New York. His main points:

  • Journalists must learn and understand the business side of journalism, even if they don’t want become entrepreneurs.
  • Traditional media companies should reckon with the force of destroyers – new media entrepreneurs who sit in their student dorm or start-up garage and think of new ways of serving the public and can destroy old media business models single-handedly.
  • The future belongs belongs to networks and hyperlocal platforms and it belongs to media companies who understand that they must cooperate with innovators rather than deny their existence.

I had the opportunity to speak with Jeff at the Munich conference Digital Life Design (DLD 10), organized by the German publisher Burda.

Jeff Jarvis über Unternehmer-Journalismus from Ulrike Langer on Vimeo.

Additional links:
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