Scoopcamp highlight: Aron Pilhofer’s keynote on datajournalism

My personal highlight of the  Scoopcamp 2010 conference in Hamburg on September 29 was definitely Aron Pilhofer ‘s keynote. (last year it was the keynote of Everyblock founder Adrian Holovaty). Pilhofer leads a team of ten programmers and interactive news specialists which is responsible for the excellent interactiven visualizations at As he showed us in one genius example: datajournalism can also be done accoustically.

I filmed Pilhofer’s speech with my Flip camera and edited it down to a 20 minute “highlights version”. Aron showed many screenshots, some of which weren’t easy to see even live at the venue due to too much ambient light. I have replaced most of them in this video by original screenshots taken from the web. You can find the links to the websites below the video. Please do click around on them – they are interactive.

Aron Pilhofer talks about what makes great data journalism great, why some visualisations seem wonderfully intuitive and others don’t. And he talks about why often less is more when visualising data for journalism.

Aron Pilhofer Keynote beim Scoopcamp 2010 from Ulrike Langer on Vimeo.

These are the links to the websites I have replaced:

The Top Secret Network of Government and its Contractors (Washington Post)

Tracking the Oil Spill in the Gulf (New York Times)

Election 2004 (New York Times)

President Map – Election Results 2008 (New York Times)

Presidential Big Board – Election Results 2008 (New York Times)

House Race Ratings 2010 (New York Times)

Fractions of a Second: An Olympic Musical (New York Times)

Is It Better to Buy or Rent? (New York Times)

The Web Is Dead. Long Live the Internet (Wired)
Is the web really dead? (Boing Boing)

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