Sree Sreenivasan in Seattle: Best Social Media Show Ever

Sree Sreenivasan's Social Media Workshop der etwas anderen Art an der University of Washington in Seattle
Useful and entertaining: Sree Sreenivasan’s social media workshop at University of Washington 

Note: The German version of this blog post is here

If you ever get the chance to listen to a speech by or attend a workshop on social media with Sree Sreenivasan – take it. It’s an extraordinary experience and like no other lecture or workshop you will likely attend. It’s more like a multimedia interactive show.

You will get to know a lot of new strategies, plattforms and people. Time will fly by. Sree will simultaneously entertain you and show you that social media is hard work. He will convince you to take your social media efforts seriously and will let you have a good time while you’re working furiously to take notes and make mental notes to yourself not to forget most of all the good advice. And maybe most important of all: He will show you how to succeed by being yourself on social platforms.

Sree Sreenivasan (here’s a  phonetic help on how to pronounce his name) is Chief Digital Officer at Columbia University in New York and he has a lot of administrative duties. But outside of his own academic institution he is much better known as @sree, the social media maven und people connector. In Seattle, Sree was invited by Hanson Hosein, director of  Communication Leadership, a journalism master’s programm in digital media, communities and networks at the University of Washington.

During his workshops Sree invites everybody to tweet like there’s no tomorrow and include (“name-check”) well-known social media in their tweets – New York Times reporter  @brianstelter, World Bank Social Media Manger  @JimRosenberg or Twitter’s Chief of Journalism @MarkSLuckie (formerly Chief Digital Strategist at the Washington Post). Et voilà – in Seattle it didn’t take more than ten minutes for Sree’s strategically pre-announced ego hashtag  #sreeattle to climb to the #1 position in Seattle’s trending topics. For a while #sreeattle even trended nationally. I later learned that Brian Stelter is quite used to this, (but never received more name-checks than this time from Seattle). Another clever speaker strategy: Sree had invited two savvy side-kicks on his stage: Hanson Hosein and Seattle tech columnist Monica Guzman.

Before the Sree Show started, I was able to shoot a short video Q & A with him (thanks, Sree!)

Sree’s workshop slides  are freely available as a Google doc. Additionally, here are some of his best tipps (they are not all included in the slides):

  • Rapportive is a useful supplementary tool for Gmail. It collects information about the sender of an email and displays it in the in-box.
  • Talk to @YumiWilson or @kristacanfield from LinkedIn about an online workshop für journalists. Take the course to the end and receive a one-year premium LinkIn membership for free. (I don’t know if this really works, but I sure am trying to find out). Update: The next online worskop is  Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 2 pm Easten (11 am Pacific). If you are interested, please sign up here.
  • Muck Rack is a really useful platform for journalists to display their portfolio and connect with each other and with sources.
  • Use to see who shared your link. Pretty straight-forward.
  • Nutshellmail collects all the messages you get across several platforms and bundles them as a single email per day. This could be especially useful during a vacation.
  • Blisscontrol helps you keep an eye on all those ever-changing notification and privacy settings on Facebook, etc.. It will notify you about changes.
  • OneQube organises your Twitter followers by city, profession, email address in the bio or not, and many more parameters. This Direct Message on Twitter which made me aware of the social media workshop in Seattle did not reach me by Sree conducting a search for the combination of “Seattle” and “journalist” Sree DMand then sending lots of identical DMs, as I had suspected. Sree used OneCube and sent out his DM to 153 Seattle journos all at once. OneCube is still in beta, but you can sign up and ask to be included. This tool really only makes sense, if you already have thousands of followers on Twitter. But then it can save you a lot of time.

Last, but not least, in this Storify, I collected many more tipps, opinions and emotions from the workshop. Thanks to Sree and to everybody who tweeted!